Nhạc chuông Waffle House – Jonas Brothers

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[Verse 1: Joe Jonas, Jon Bellion]
(Hey now) We never knew how to forfeit
(Hey now) But we always knew how to talk sh—
(Hey now) Couple nights, threw gasoline on the fire (Hey)
(Hey now) We never knew how to perfect
(Hey now) But we always knew it would work

[Pre-Chorus: Joe Jonas]
‘Cause if somethin’ misread
Or if somethin’ got said
Know before the night ends

[Chorus: Joe Jonas]
No, don’t get stressed, it’s gon’ get figured out
Oh, deep conversations at the Waffle House
Headstrong father and a determined mother
Oh, that’s why some nights, we tried to kill each other
But you know it’s always love

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