Nhạc chuông Grown Man – Marshmello, Polo G, Southside

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[Chorus: Polo G]
New drip, I just spent some Gs on my attire
These racks just keep on growin’, but my jeans gettin’ tighter, uh
I went overseas with the swiper
Bad bitch, no, I’ve never seen nothin’ like her, uh
I bought Glocks with beams for my snipers
Any sudden movement, make it sing like the choir
R.I.P., that chrome sprayin’, got Lindsey Lohan
I need some more bands, bitch, I’m a grown man, uh

[Verse: Polo G]
If you gon’ tweet, it ain’t no need to tell me how you feel
My whole city catching Bs, I’m from the ‘Raq, for real
Broski turn into a demon when he off them pills
Ride ’til I die, I hope that Jesus come and grab the wheel

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